December 2018   
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Women of the ELCA (WELCA)
President: Dianne Bannister


WELCA’s commitment is to joyfully respond to the calling of the Holy Spirit, witness and serve, and be faithful in carrying our God’s mission.

Women of the ELCA Officers

President:  Jane Y. Ringer

Vice President:  Betty Lominick

Secretary:  Keli Dickert

Treasurer:  Dianne Lominick

WELCA Committees

Faith & Life:  Betty Lominick, Elise Summer, Cynthia Frick, Caroline Shealy & Dianne Bannister

Social Concerns:  Blanche Bunce, Dovie Sligh, Ann W. Lominick, Judy A. Meetze, Cathy Franklin & Dianne Haskin

Outreach & Fellowship:  Keli Dickert, Laura Adams, Julie Smith, Kathy Stroud, Blanche Bunce

Morning Circle

Leader:  Dovie Sligh

Recorder:  Elise Summer

Fellowship Circle

Leader:  Lorie Amick

Recorder:  Laura Adams

Treasurer:  Kathy Stroud